Pale is the New Tan, Part 3: Melanoma Awareness

Posted on June 1, 2013

Yesterday was the last day of Melanoma Awareness Month. By now (and especially if you’ve read my last two blog posts) you probably know all about the importance of prevention and protection against the sun’s damaging rays. But there is one last step – getting checked! Protecting your skin can decrease your chances in developing melanoma, but sometimes people who rarely go in the sun or who have fair skin, can also develop melanoma. Melanoma can sometimes be genetic. So it’s extremely important to get checked by a dermatologist every year for any suspicious looking spots. You can also do self-spot checks throughout the year to stay on top of any new developments. Do you know what to look for? In keeping an eye out for melanoma, you want to follow the ABCDEFG rule. That’s right. It’s not just the…
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