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Eminence Organics

A USDA Certified Organic skin care line, Éminence uses only the healthiest ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or additives, chosen to give premium results to all skin types. They believe in a holistic approach to skin care and health and feel passionate about sharing our quality products with you.

History of Éminence Organics

Hungarian beauty care is legendary. Throughout history divas and royalty have traveled from all over Europe to indulge in Hungarian skin care techniques and exclusive thermal springs to rejuvenate their skins, their minds and their bodies. Known as the food and agricultural center of Europe, the county has arguably the best soil and geographical elements on the continent making it the ideal breeding ground for potent and effective ingredients. And so the spa culture was born out of fertile soil and the desire to maintain the radiance of the beautiful people of Europe. During times of war the country stood strong and took care of itself through perseverance and strong trading tools – organic ingredients and products among these valuables – and today these beauty secrets are offered worldwide.

The Éminence tradition began in Hungary more than 50 years ago in a small village where family knowledge of using herbs, fruits and plants in natural remedies spanned generations. This unique awareness of medicinal plants was enhanced with skin care innovation to produce natural products that are true to both organic enthusiasts and results-oriented clients. Today, the precious ingredients are still hand-picked and hand-mixed in small batches and are combined with thermal hot spring water to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties.