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Post Surgery and Scar Treatments

DermaWave® Ultrasonic Therapy as Post-Operation Treatment

An FDA Class II device, the DermaWave® System promotes healing, aides in the reduction of edema (accumulation of fluid beneath the skin), swelling, redness, and is used in a wide variety of aesthetic applications including scar treatments and scar revisions. The mechanical effects of DermaWave® Ultrasound, at specific frequencies and delivery patterns, target fibrous components of scar tissue and breakdown the ‘cement like’ bonds in Collagen Type 1, which is the base material in most scar tissue.

The scar tissue is softened, facilitating easier reduction prior to the application of specifically designed topicals and dressings. The phonophoretic capabilities of the DermaWave® Ultrasound System are used to enhance the delivery of topicals into the scar tissue, assisting scar repair and inhibiting scar reoccurrence. The scar treatment is approximately a 15-30 minute procedure. Treatments may begin as early as one week after surgery.

Ultrasonic Firming Facial with DermaWave®

Ultrasonic Skin therapy is a new approach to skin rejuvenation and repair that may only be used by a medical doctor or staff working under medical supervision. Medical offices and Medi-spas around the country are also using ultrasound to minimize the appearance of raised and depressed scars, reduce the impact of wrinkles and lines and to address the remnants of acne scars and other surface imperfections of the skin. Ultra-sound waves gently stimulate blood supply. This treatment also utilizes a specially designed form of electrotherapy designed to increase the metabolic rate in the tissue being treated.